Neat ways to send funny texts

Neat ways to send funny texts

Next time you’re thinking of how you can possibly send a text to a friend from online here are some cools ways you may not have thought about.  Now everyone knows how to send texts from your own phone but what if you wanted to surprise a friend or send some funny text from online?  Most people don’t know that there are sites that let you send SMS from your own computer.

There are rules that apply that don’t let you send multiple messages our or spam the same number but if your intent is just to send something funny and have some laughs with someone you know or who is not going to be angry with you sending them texts from your computer then one way is to look for a text bombing online.

Once you find one that looks decent and doesn’t look like it would spam or is illegal then you’ll also want to find out how to text bomb at a site like this one.

Sending funny texts and messages online or messing with your friends is just something fun to do and should be kept that way without going overboard.  There are whole websites dedicated to text bombing and sending them online as well.

You might also want to check out other sites that talk about text bombing people and what you can do to both have fun and not break and rules!

Enjoy and have fun!


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