3 keys to avoid fraud when requesting personal loans

avoid fraud when requesting personal loans

3 keys to avoid fraud when requesting personal loans

1. That the website of the personal loan provider is safe

The entities that offer online personal loans incorporate several security protocols to prevent fraud and protect our personal data in the network. Therefore, before applying for a personal credit we must take the following precautions:

  • Verify that a green padlock appears in the address bar of the page , an indication that the portal belongs effectively to the entity and that its information is encrypted so that it can not be seen by a third party.
  • Make sure that the url of the page begins with the acronym https , since it is the protocol incorporated by some web pages that offer an online service in which money is transferred (banks, private moneylenders, etc.) to codify the communication and prevent interfere in the process.

To avoid falling into the networks of a fraudulent organization, we show some of the most outstanding offers that there are currently to securely secure the funding we need through the network.

2. Do not send in advance any money when you ask for a consumer credit

If a private company or a supposed bank requires us to send the payment of any commission in advance, it is most likely a scam. Entities do not charge any commission until they have borrowed the money, so we must be cautious and avoid any lender who asks us to pay the “management fees” in advance. It is a condition that is not mandatory and should never be imposed on us.

The big mistake is usually to rely on a particular anonymous lender that advertises on the Internet with very low interest rates. In these cases we must check the credentials of the entity in which you work and, if we do not obtain reliable data, ignore the offer.

3. When you apply for a personal credit, check it with an external source

If we are not sure about the reliability of a personal loan provider, it is advisable to consult the doubts of an expert or search in a forum to make sure that we are not going to be victims of a scam. In this sense, we recommend using the HelpMyCash loan comparator, with which we can check the conditions of the products and compare the opinions of other users.


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